The Early Bird Gets the

Worm Probate Deals!

Get leads up to 90 days faster than your competition!

Why You Should Target Probate?

Consistently the most motivated sellers

Larger Profits (Avg. wholesale $40-$80k)

Less Competition (if you act fast enough)

The Challenge of Getting Probate Deals is SPEED!

Most investors rely on government courthouse websites (or list providers that source data from them) which is almost never current, leaving the majority of the opportunities for those who get courthouse data directly.

REIPrintMail’s Solution

Probate Premium Subscriptions

Monthly List Deliveries

A personal researcher will be assigned to visit the courthouse(s) of your requested county(ies) in-person and pull a complete list of all probate filings. Our researchers then refine your list to only include filings with properties owned.

Fully Skiptraced Estate Contacts

All records come fully skiptraced for both phone numbers and email addresses. All records come with additional relatives (up to 12), all fully skiptraced as well.

All Lists Delivered CRM-Ready

All monthly lists are delivered in multiple formats compatible with almost any CRM on the market. Unlike the unorganized and messy files delivered by our competition, you will be able to market to your list within minutes of receiving it.

Optional Automated Campaigns

Mail to your list immediately and automatically with your preselected marketing mailers. Market to sellers months before your competition knows they exist!

You Get Everything You Want and NEED…

You get a personal researcher assigned to collect records in-person from your selected county
You only receive records with real estate owned (saves hours of research)
You get records from ALL county courthouses, not just the primary like other companies

You get all estate contacts fully skipped traced for phone and email

You get additional relatives (up to 12) fully skipped traced for phone and email

You get all records provided in a spreadsheet formatted to be easily imported to any CRM

Start Marketing to Your Leads

Leads Immediately &


With your subscription, you’ll have the opportunity to market to your prospects without lifting a finger. Simply pre-select your marketing piece from our exclusive Probate Mail Menu and we’ll mail to your prospects as soon as your list arrives.


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